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About Unilink.

Unilink Established in 1996 is a Software house that offers tailored services based on an understanding of both the technological as well as the personnel and personality requirements of our customers and their projects.

Committed to delivering cost effective, rapid solutions to complex challenges and to providing clients with valueadded services, Unilink has over 20 years of experience and maintains the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge in the fields Outsourcing of Infrastructure, Software Development and QA.

Unilink firmly believes in quality ‘matchmaking’, ensuring candidates are exactly the right match for every position. Unilink’s expert selectors and recruiters locate Talented candidates from sourcing our huge database quikly and precisely reducing our client overhead by understanding our clients' requirements and matching the exact required skills.

Dedicated to improving clients’ productivity, efficiency and competitiveness, Unilink’s vast business network and long-term relationships with both clients and over 400 employees, allow them to provide flexible services, fast response times and an unsurpassed team, dedicated to the customer’s vision.

It is this unique combination of technological professionalism, attitude and understanding of the human aspect, together with the experience gained through hundreds of successful projects that has allowed Unilink to lead their field for over two decades.




Technological AD-HOC Project Solutions.

Specializing in Infrastructure Solutions.

In this era of rapidly changing technology, companies often find it difficult to keep up.

IT professionals are required to integrate new technologies and applications, improve data storage solutions and uphold security standards, all in ever-changing environments, and working with tools that are constantly being updated. Software developers face similar challenges as their development environments advance and integration requirements expand.

It is these challenges, and many others, that our Professional Services team are experienced in solving.


With smart, fast and efficient troubleshooting, we diagnose the problem and find the most direct and precise route to the most suitable solution, whether it be new infrastructure, additional development or support.

We offer various service levels and will create an SLA that will best suit your business. With a wide range of solutions for every customer and any situation, from remote management to on site developers, whatever your need, Unilink has the solution.


Our highly skilled technical staff and vastly experienced consultants are at your service 24/7, offering full end to end solutions and on call when you need them.


Out-Staffing Services:


Unilink has an online database of over 400,000 IT & Engineering Candidates with Over 24 Years of experience  Over 10 highly experienced Recruiters. 

Candidates are sourced & selected Using our DB of over 400,000 Candidates , Talent Portals and social media. Telephone & Frontal Interviews are conducted which consist of 5 elementary technical questions selection is on elimination.

Successful candidates are given a link to Online Technical exam in multiple subjects, only most suitable candidates chosen, Customers may construct their own examination questions. 

Online Exams for candidates

•   Online Technological tests for candidates according to the job requirements.

•   The candidate can take the test at his convenience from home.

•   The customer is provided with the exam results.

•   The results are received immediately after the candidate has finished the exam.


Background checks provide Candidate Screening.


Experienced in Recruiting a wide Range of Skill Sets 


•   Project Management

•   Digital Web/Mobile Dev

•   Full Stack, Back End Front End Dev

•   Software testing & automation

•   Software Development, R&D

•   Cyber and information security

•   Business intelligence-BI


•   Analysts

•   Engineering professions

•   Devops

•   System & Database Infrastructure

•   RF

•   Cloud solutions

•   Hardware testing

•   Verification tests

•   Component design\ chip design\ board design

•   Component Engineering



Main emphasis is to recruit Quality people and Employee Welfare.   


Managed Services.

•   Fully Managed Team

•   Scope of Work Outcome Based 

•   Site Manager , Supervisor, TL on customer site

•   Shadow Mythology

•   KPI’s & SLA Metric’s 

•   Teams built to meet expectations.

•   Long Term Plan Welfare Plan 

•   Ongoing Training

There isn't one key element to a successful Managed Service, there are many. Through decades of successfully managing such projects, we have accumulated the experience required to provide our clients with precise and attractive solutions for their exact needs.


Managing a wide range of services, we provide our customers with software development, QA, support and infrastructure services. These can be situated on-site, off-site, near-shore, off-shore or a combination of these, depending on customer and project requirements. Committed to fast lead times we have developed a system that allows us to provide quick relevant low and mid cost solutions for any project description and size, from long term solutions to ad-hoc support, we have the flexibility and alternatives to provide solutions suited to your needs.


Profiling and recruiting the most suitable team for the project, we pay special attention to the professional requirements of the project, training each team member with the most advanced knowledge and skill set to perform the tasks required at the highest level. And we supervise every step of the process. We also equip our supervisors, not only with management skills and technical knowledge, but also make sure they are involved leaders, mentors and motivators. We believe in always challenging our teams, providing our employees with supervision and welfare thus encouraging loyalty and long-term employment, as well as endurance and efficiency. Treating every element of the project as key; we make sure to deliver successful results.

Remote Off-Shoring Services.

Our solution offers Offshore in 4 Eastern European locations working Remote or on Prem in our central Facility in Budapest.


The advantages of working remotely from all 4 of the following countries in Europe are that the distances between each other are not far and there is a large variety of quality candidates to choose from.


Also, the prices of contractors are very competitive, as well as remote contractors working from Home is cost effective as facility expenses are reduced.


If required Face to Face meetings can be held in EU HQ in Budapest on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Current contractors include our recently hired EU based local employees and over 40 Ukrainian employees who left the Ukraine and have been relocated in EU. 


1. Hungary

2. Germany

3. Portugal

4. Cyprus

5. Poland


Cloud Solutions.

Unilink specializes in the establishment and integration of a variety of computing infrastructures and open systems, providing cloud solutions using advanced technologies to leading companies in the economy. 

The cloud solutions are adapted to the customer's needs:


Public Cloud: Utilizing established cloud hosting platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Private Cloud: Tailored private cloud solutions, either on-premises or provided by an external provider, designed to meet the client's requirements.

Hybrid Cloud: Combining private and public clouds, enabling applications to run partially on a private cloud and partially on a public cloud.

Our services encompass:


End-to-end support, consulting, planning, and execution, including infrastructure setup and ongoing management.

Seamless integration and migration to cloud technology.

Robust information security measures, including file protection, encryption, threat prevention, and advanced virtualization technologies.

Join the growing trend in the computing market and transform your business with cloud computing. Benefits of transitioning include:


Flexibility and convenience.

High-level information security and threat prevention.

Secure data backup.

Deployment of software on virtual servers.

High availability and scalability based on business growth.

Enhanced control over company systems.

Real-time data access.

Efficient workload balancing.

Advanced technological capabilities.

Increased organizational resources.

Our solutions encompass provident fund and training fund management, ensuring compliance with strict Ministry of Finance regulations. We leverage diverse CRM systems specialized in the financial field to generate detailed reports.


for clients. Key aspects of our solutions include:

Robust data security.

Artificial intelligence-based identification systems.

Virtual system deployment.

Database management.

Expertise in backups and storage.

We employ various protocols and technologies, including RFA, DTP, Citrix Netscaler, load balancer, and Sass-loader.

Disaster Recovery.

Unilink offers computing services that help businesses recover from disasters and maintain their operations in emergency situations, in order to restore the system after a disaster or malfunction.

• Planning and implementation of a remote backup site

 • Planning disaster recovery actions

 • Data base restoration

 • Virtual machine recovery

• Communication solutions with multi-layer redundancy

• Hardware redundancies

 • Remote work



  1. Fault Identification:

    • Swift identification of the fault and its consequences.

    • Discussions on the organization's risk and asset review.

  2. Transition to Operational Environment:

    • Rapid transition of the site to a shared and secure environment.

    • Continuous updates to server farms to maintain information in an updated state.

  3. Data Restoration:

    • Data backup and rapid restoration.

    • Option for quick and efficient data correction and recovery.

  4. Quick Support:

    • Prompt response and support for recovery or restoration processes.

    • Repair or recovery services that do not disrupt the business routine.

  5. Activity Freeze:

    • Option to partially freeze the main business activities and continue providing services to customers and employees.


Our Customers.

Unilink has a wide range of clients, including Global Enterprises. 


• Financial sector: Insurance, Banks,  

• High-Tech Sector: Semiconductor Manufacturing , Software, Network , Security, E-Commers  

• Telecom: Cellular, Cable Media 

• Government Sector, 

• Military & Defense Sector

• Energy 

• Security field in different constellations. 

• In addition, SMB companies, Special projects and start-ups.

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